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A late autumn day in Kew Gardens

Local markets & botanic gardens are always on my to-do list when I travel. This time, in London, I ticked a bucket list item – the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, aka the Kew Gardens. I first overheard the name “Kew Gardens” many years ago and since then have wondered how magnificent this place would […]

Milan… Milan…

We got in Milan in the afternoon, after a 7.5 hours train from Paris, a little bit later for heading out, we settled down at the hotel… Glared around in the taxi from train station to the hotel, I knew we are now at the very heart of a city full of history, and all the […]

City of Wind: Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan means “Country of Fire” in Arabic and the capital Baku means “City of Wind” in Bosnian. In August I came to see firsthand if this mysterious place of fire & wind on the Caspian Sea lived up to its name.

Edinburgh, live the medieval times again

Edinburgh may only be a four hour journey from London King’s Cross railway station, but with a fortress at its core and architecture spanning back centuries I felt like I’d stepped back into medieval times when my train arrived.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Of all my travels the one trip that stands out the most is my visit to Kathmandu in October 2014, before that devastating earthquake that rocked the country. I often reminisce about my time there and yearn for that nation on the other side of the Himalayas. An ancient yet very much alive place, under a […]

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