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UNESCO World Heritage

One day in Château de Versailles

Finally, I get to see Château de Versailles this time… This is one has sit on on my every growing bucket list since a long while!

One day in Reims

Chef Budde told me to not miss out Reims if I ever go to France again, and he would send me to his dear friend Grand Chef Pascal Tingaud’s restaurant at Dom Perignon chateau… sadly, Chef Pascal passed away rather suddenly just a few weeks prior our trip to France, we forever missed the chance […]

City of Wind: Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan means “Country of Fire” in Arabic and the capital Baku means “City of Wind” in Bosnian. In August I came to see firsthand if this mysterious place of fire & wind on the Caspian Sea lived up to its name.

Fairy tale vs Skeleton — Towns in Czech

More and more people are looking to East Europe as their next travel destination and without a doubt Czech Republic would be one of the hottest spots there. Away from the big cities that most people choose to visit are charming small towns that are worth exploring. Below are a few of my favourites. CK […]

Taj Mahal: How to show your eternal love

It took 22,000 workers, 1,000 elephants transporting supplies, and 17 years of labour to create this mausoleum for Emperor Shah Jahan’s favourite wife, forever cementing her memory in history—and forever drawing the masses to the otherwise sleepy town of Agra. It was the love story behind the Taj Mahal and the pure perfection of the […]

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