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Sri Lanka

Seeing Sri Lanka again, immersing into Colombo

My first visit to Sri Lanka was in August, two years back. After my trip I developed very fond memories of the beautiful country. I wasn’t sure if I would visit it again, and yet chance brought me back this May. Sri Lanka was having the strongest rains that they’d seen in 30 years. The […]

The changing tide of Colombo

There are times when we want to hold on to the past and times when we do our best to forget it. In Colombo there’s a need to do both. Sri Lanka’s capital, like the island itself, has been overshadowed by its most recent history; A civil war that spanned over a quarter of a […]

Amazing Sri Lanka – part one

When the first time my friend mentioned going to Sri Lanka, the image in my mind was a “Sacred Holy Ground for Buddhism”.  I was so wrong.  It proved that Sri Lanka is a place with rich culture, histories and also all kinds of activity.  You may find a lot of things to do no […]