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South Korea

Wandering Through Seoul’s Mural Alleys

Seoul has no shortage of alleys that tout some added colour. In fact, the government has actively supported the arts as a way to revitalize poorer neighborhoods in the city. Bright murals adorning once bare walls, especially ones painted with audience participation in mind (think angel wings that you can stand next to), have become […]

Searching for Sea Women

Barely reaching 5-foot-tall and with skin that showed a life of hard labour, I would have presumed the lady before me to be weak—if I’d met her in any other circumstance. But as she bounded out onto the stage, donning a full wet suit, and flashed a grin at the inquisitive crowd it was clear […]

Busan, the shining city at the shore

Before this visit, I had a vague notion of Busan. I knew it was a port city on the southern coast of South Korea and host of the Busan Film Festival, which attracts many Korean pop stars and their fans. Despite knowing little I seized an opportunity for a visit just before Christmas. To my surprise […]