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South East Asia

Seeing Sri Lanka again, immersing into Colombo

My first visit to Sri Lanka was in August, two years back. After my trip I developed very fond memories of the beautiful country. I wasn’t sure if I would visit it again, and yet chance brought me back this May. Sri Lanka was having the strongest rains that they’d seen in 30 years. The […]

The changing tide of Colombo

There are times when we want to hold on to the past and times when we do our best to forget it. In Colombo there’s a need to do both. Sri Lanka’s capital, like the island itself, has been overshadowed by its most recent history; A civil war that spanned over a quarter of a […]

5 Ways to See Bangkok through the eyes of one of its most famous foreigners

Before Jim Thompson’s name became synonymous with Thai silk, and before we heard Australian medical officer Rowley Richard’s stories from the infamous Burma-Siam railway, there was another foreigner creating history in what was then Siam.

Knock on Wood: Must-see carpentry around Asia Pacific

Feeling inspired by Louis T Collection’s namesake, Louis Thomas Leonowens, connection to wood the Louis T Collection team have put together a list of some of our favorite places where you’ll see amazing feats with timber.

The Maldives Burmese Style: Inle Lake in Myanmar

Among the countries that make up the Indochinese Peninsula, Myanmar has always been the most foreign to me. My knowledge of this rather mysterious country had stopped at the names of Yangon and Bagan, until in January 2016 I visited Inle Lake…

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