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Escape the summer heat, I’m in Perth

I’m getting a routine of waking up a bit earlier in the morning for a walk… Watching the golden rosy dawn of Perth, with cool breeze and ring-a-ling of the bikes, I’m just so glad I escaped the hottest Summers days in China and made to Perth, this often called the “lonely city”.

Seeing Sri Lanka again, immersing into Colombo

My first visit to Sri Lanka was in August, two years back. After my trip I developed very fond memories of the beautiful country. I wasn’t sure if I would visit it again, and yet chance brought me back this May. Sri Lanka was having the strongest rains that they’d seen in 30 years. The […]

Busan, the shining city at the shore

Before this visit, I had a vague notion of Busan. I knew it was a port city on the southern coast of South Korea and host of the Busan Film Festival, which attracts many Korean pop stars and their fans. Despite knowing little I seized an opportunity for a visit just before Christmas. To my surprise […]

Marché aux Fleurs in the old town of Nice, France

I have a thing for markets, all kinds of market where the locals go! I always think they are the best spots to learn the real deal of a place! Marché aux Fleurs (flower market) in the old town of Nice was one of the most delightful corners to check out if you ever visit this city on […]