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One day in Château de Versailles

Finally, I get to see Château de Versailles this time… This is one has sit on on my every growing bucket list since a long while!

One day in Reims

Chef Budde told me to not miss out Reims if I ever go to France again, and he would send me to his dear friend Grand Chef Pascal Tingaud’s restaurant at Dom Perignon chateau… sadly, Chef Pascal passed away rather suddenly just a few weeks prior our trip to France, we forever missed the chance […]

“Spring Break” in Paris

A friend from Lyon once told me, “French people tend to separate the country as ‘Paris’ and ‘Not Paris’,” which gives some indication of the city’s position in France. Parisians are fashionable, cosmopolitan, and sometimes a little bit eccentric. People who live in Paris are from all around the world. The city ranks as No. 2, […]

France, Part II: St. Emilion, via Marseille

It feels like you’re no longer in France, when strolling through the harbor of Marseille. There’s a cosmopolitan mix of residents with 25% of the local population hailing from North Africa–the majority being Algerians and Tunisians. The streets here are also a little more gritty than other parts of the South of France. It’s more […]

France, beyond expectation – Part I: Avignon

France has always been my dream destination. Over the years I’d built the country up and because of that have been hesitatant to go in case it wasn’t as beautiful as I had imagined. Finally, I decided I had to test my expectations and made the trip in September, 2015.

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