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A late autumn day in Kew Gardens

Local markets & botanic gardens are always on my to-do list when I travel. This time, in London, I ticked a bucket list item – the Royal Botanic Gardens of Kew, aka the Kew Gardens. I first overheard the name “Kew Gardens” many years ago and since then have wondered how magnificent this place would […]

Wandering Through Seoul’s Mural Alleys

Seoul has no shortage of alleys that tout some added colour. In fact, the government has actively supported the arts as a way to revitalize poorer neighborhoods in the city. Bright murals adorning once bare walls, especially ones painted with audience participation in mind (think angel wings that you can stand next to), have become […]

Making the most of a day in Hong Kong

Looking out over the city’s iconic skyscrapers and the already busy Hong Kong Harbour it’s clear this densely populated island means business. In the scene below everything is already in full swing, or maybe it never stopped, as a new day begins. It’s just gone 9am and we’re among the few people up at The […]

City of Wind: Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan means “Country of Fire” in Arabic and the capital Baku means “City of Wind” in Bosnian. In August I came to see firsthand if this mysterious place of fire & wind on the Caspian Sea lived up to its name.

Two days in Zha Ji, seeing the beauty of South Anhui

Any Chinese person would be able to name the Four Treasures of a Chinese study room (Pinyin: wén fáng sì bǎo): Ink Brush (bǐ), Ink Stick (mò), Xuan Paper (zhǐ), Ink Stone (yàn). There are several versions of what the four treasures are in Chinese history. But at the start, which is all the way back in Nan […]

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