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Georgia in Winter

Visit Georgia in Winter time is not a smart idea but we still had so much fun during the 5-day trip in December.

France, Part II: St. Emilion, via Marseille

It feels like you’re no longer in France, when strolling through the harbor of Marseille. There’s a cosmopolitan mix of residents with 25% of the local population hailing from North Africa–the majority being Algerians and Tunisians. The streets here are also a little more gritty than other parts of the South of France. It’s more […]

France, beyond expectation – Part I: Avignon

France has always been my dream destination. Over the years I’d built the country up and because of that have been hesitatant to go in case it wasn’t as beautiful as I had imagined. Finally, I decided I had to test my expectations and made the trip in September, 2015.