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Two days in Zha Ji, seeing the beauty of South Anhui

Any Chinese person would be able to name the Four Treasures of a Chinese study room (Pinyin: wén fáng sì bǎo): Ink Brush (bǐ), Ink Stick (mò), Xuan Paper (zhǐ), Ink Stone (yàn). There are several versions of what the four treasures are in Chinese history. But at the start, which is all the way back in Nan […]

A dreamy state of mind South of Anhui

My spring outing to the southern part of Anhui (also called Wan Nan) started with Jing arriving late to catch the scheduled-train. It caused her a two-hour delay, followed by her having to stand the entire trip on the second train. When we eventually met I was greeted with, “My legs are not my legs.”  […]