Georgia in Winter

Georgia in Winter

Visit Georgia in Winter time is not a smart idea but we still had so much fun during the 5-day trip in December.

Our trip started with a city tour in T’bilisi – the capital of Georgia.

Narikala is an ancient fortress overlooking T’bilisi and the Kura river. Parts of the fortress were damaged by an earthquake and demolished. When you step up to the top, you’ll find it’s the best view to overlook the whole city.

Sculpture of "Mother of Georgia"

Sculpture of “Mother of Georgia”

We also joined two “one-day” trips arranged by a local travel agency.

  • DAVID GAREJI – The Monastery Complex of David Gareji occupies a special place among the numerous cultural monuments of Georgian feudal time by its majesty and historical value.

The site is just close to the national board between Georgia and Azerbaijan. The trekking tour is a bit dangerous as the muddy path contains ice and water in winter.

  • Gori – a small city located at the central part of the country. It is well-known as the birthplace of the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin.
Corridor outside of Joseph Stalin Museum

Corridor outside of Joseph Stalin Museum

Speaking of food, Georgian cuisine is well-known within CIS countries even spread to Eastern Europe region. In my opinion, various kinds of wheaten-food are the most unique food to taste.

Puri - typical Georgian bread

Puri – typical Georgian bread

Khachapuri - cheese pie with butter and a raw egg in the middle

Khachapuri – cheese pie with butter and a raw egg in the middle

Khinkali - Georgian dumpling

Khinkali – Georgian dumpling

In addition to the wheaten-food, a traditional candy is also very popular to see everywhere on the streets. It is called Churchkhela – The main ingredients are grape, nuts and flour. Almonds, walnuts, hazel nuts and sometimes raisins are threaded onto a string, dipped in thickened grape juice or fruit juices and dried in the shape of a sausage.

Another important reason (apparently the most important) to visit Georgia is because of its’ wines! According to historical record, Georgia is the one of oldest wine regions in the world. UNESCO added the ancient traditional Georgian wine-making method using the Kvevri clay jars to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Lists.

a wine shop

a wine shop





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