Escape the summer heat, I’m in Perth

Escape the summer heat, I’m in Perth

I’m getting a routine of waking up a bit earlier in the morning for a walk… Watching the golden rosy dawn of Perth, with cool breeze and ring-a-ling of the bikes, I’m just so glad I escaped the hottest Summers days in China and made to Perth, this often called the “lonely city”.

Compared with Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane… Perth seems not enjoying the same level of fame as a tourism destination. But Perth certainly has its own perks, Perth is often noted within the Top 10s of “most suitable city to live in”,and I was told more than 80% of people of West Australia lives here.

Scenery of East Perth

Scenery of West Perth

I was very much impressed by the graffiti arts found in Perth. We’ve all seen graffitis in almost every city, and I was never a fan of coarse drawings of bigger letters that you never know what’s about. But Perth takes their graffiti art pretty seriously.

This, I call it art, and Perth has it on big display!

You’ll only see high-rise buildings in the CBD area, the rest of Perth is all about low-rise of 2 or 3 stories town houses, reminds me very much of the early 20 centuries. History says, it was the Gold Rush in the 1900’s when British immigrants made their way to West Australia and named this city Perth in 1829. You’ll be able to touch back that memory if you go to Lond Court, the pedestrian shopping are in CBD.

CBD is facing the newly developed Elizabeth Quay, which has become the name card of Perth! I walked to the pier and walked in front of this rather strange looking architecture.

This is the new landmark of Perth, Swan Bell Tower (see now I start to reckon that this is a swan!!). It was too early in the morning, I didn’t get the chance to walk in, tourism guide the tower was designed by the local architects Hames Sharley. The 18 bells have a combined weight of about 9 tonnes!

Swan Bell Tower

Swan Bell Tower

Perth is a dream city for outdoor living! I stayed at West Perth the Tribe hotel for a few nights, and it’s right next to the largest city park – the Kings Park. Over 400 hectares, this Park surely has lots of greenery, gives a perfect location for walking, jogging, relax and get fresh air.

If you get the cross the Kings Park, you’ll reach a high point to have a bird-eye view of the Swan River and the Perth city skyline.


Serenity under the blue blue sky and cotton clouds

Serenity under the blue blue sky and cotton clouds

Time to get out of the city a bit. A must-go is Fremantle area. That’s where the Swan River goes into the ocean, and where immigrants first landing in Australia. But my eyes are all on the Fremantle Market. Opened in 1897, certainly one of the oldest markets that I visited. A place to get to know all the local produce, get some good food, spices, and souvenirs!


Confession to make, I love soaps! This shop has all the hand-made soap on the display. Rich and creamy, a good soap will make my day.

Coffee beans have become another “sin” of mine. Lured by the sweet aroma of their beans, I couldn’t resist to a few small bags of beans for my taste buds. Roasting of this shop is pretty advanced, that gives the beans a very nice dark chocolate colour. And they do lots of flavours, I couldn’t get enough of the marshmallow, and grand marnier! I guess this is like the Chinese perfume tea with jasmine, or British add bergamot flavour to make Earl Gray tea.

Also tried an Australian local grown bean. Similar as what I read in some books, local beans here give a very balanced aroma, with a hint of woody/earthy stain.

Riding back from Fremantle, by passing the Cottesloe Beach, known for its sandy beach and perfect waves for surfing, and kitesurfing. This is also a very nice spot to enjoy the sunset on the Indian Ocean.

I’ve seen the sunset on the other side of Indian Ocean at Colombo, here looks a lot more gloomy… or even a bit melancholic… maybe because here it’s the winter season. Salty wind flaps my face, this is a good spot to clear up your head!

Another spot to mention is the Mosman Park. I never really understood people’s passion for yachts (I always say that I’m mountain girl, not to live by the waters), but looking at this scenery, I guess won’t mind a retired live here 🙂

So long Perth! You won’t be lonely, I’ll visit again!





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