We may be a hotel management company but when it comes to our travels the Louis T team is not solely focused on finding the perfect hotel. Instead to us travel is — and always will be — about seeing places with fresh eyes, learning how to say “hello” in another language, trying new foods, and immersing ourselves in the local culture. Travel reminds us how wonderful the world we live in is and how wonderful we can be to each other. Here we share some true travels from the people behind the Louis T Collection and our friends. We are inspired by their courage to explore some of the world’s most amazing places, and hope that through sharing our tales it will spark some wanderlust in you.

Making the most of a day in Hong Kong

Looking out over the city’s iconic skyscrapers and the already busy Hong Kong Harbour it’s clear this densely populated island means business. In the scene below everything is already in full swing, or maybe it never stopped, as a new day begins. It’s just gone 9am and we’re among the few people up at The […]

City of Wind: Baku, Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan means “Country of Fire” in Arabic and the capital Baku means “City of Wind” in Bosnian. In August I came to see firsthand if this mysterious place of fire & wind on the Caspian Sea lived up to its name.

Little Italy in the South Pacific

Waiheke Island may only be 12 miles long but with its jagged shores and calm sheltered bays it boasts 83 miles of coastline. Here, surrounded by the teal waters of the Hauraki Gulf, you’re never far from the sea.

Searching for Sea Women

Barely reaching 5-foot-tall and with skin that showed a life of hard labour, I would have presumed the lady before me to be weak—if I’d met her in any other circumstance. But as she bounded out onto the stage, donning a full wet suit, and flashed a grin at the inquisitive crowd it was clear […]

Seeing Sri Lanka again, immersing into Colombo

My first visit to Sri Lanka was in August, two years back. After my trip I developed very fond memories of the beautiful country. I wasn’t sure if I would visit it again, and yet chance brought me back this May. Sri Lanka was having the strongest rains that they’d seen in 30 years. The […]

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