We may be a hotel management company but when it comes to our travels the Louis T team is not solely focused on finding the perfect hotel. Instead to us travel is — and always will be — about seeing places with fresh eyes, learning how to say “hello” in another language, trying new foods, and immersing ourselves in the local culture. Travel reminds us how wonderful the world we live in is and how wonderful we can be to each other. Here we share some true travels from the people behind the Louis T Collection and our friends. We are inspired by their courage to explore some of the world’s most amazing places, and hope that through sharing our tales it will spark some wanderlust in you.

Milan… Milan…

We got in Milan in the afternoon, after a 7.5 hours train from Paris, a little bit later for heading out, we settled down at the hotel… Glared around in the taxi from train station to the hotel, I knew we are now at the very heart of a city full of history, and all the […]

One day in Château de Versailles

Finally, I get to see Château de Versailles this time… This is one has sit on on my every growing bucket list since a long while!

One day in Reims

Chef Budde told me to not miss out Reims if I ever go to France again, and he would send me to his dear friend Grand Chef Pascal Tingaud’s restaurant at Dom Perignon chateau… sadly, Chef Pascal passed away rather suddenly just a few weeks prior our trip to France, we forever missed the chance […]

Wandering Through Seoul’s Mural Alleys

Seoul has no shortage of alleys that tout some added colour. In fact, the government has actively supported the arts as a way to revitalize poorer neighborhoods in the city. Bright murals adorning once bare walls, especially ones painted with audience participation in mind (think angel wings that you can stand next to), have become […]

Soaking up rural Japan at Yuya Onsen

It’s 5am and I can’t sleep. With blurry eyes I get up and decide to take a bath. I shuffle through the hotel in my slippers, pull back the shoji leading to the onsen and prepare for my outdoor soak. The temperature outside is near freezing and steam is dancing on the top of the […]

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